open80211s 0.5: "Meshput" (Oct 28th 2011)

This release (hopefully) stabilizes HT support, with and without mesh gates.


  • HT channel type must match on all nodes for now (patches or suggestions how to handle negotiation welcome!).
  • frame aggregation should now be stable.
  • other fixes.


We've continued working in our minimal distro. Lots customizations, improvements and bug fixes to make mesh development and deployment very fast.

As always, you can find this  here. Please send comments, feedback, and questions to our distro11s mailing list.

Release components

You can fetch individual components from the following repositories:

Or have  distro11s fetch them for you.


  • Until now we have not supported backward compatibility. If you decide to try this release you will need to update all the nodes in your mesh. But we expect future releases to be backward compatible with this one.

Known Issues

  • Even though the 11s standard supports peering between HT and non-HT mesh STAs, this has been disabled in this release. In order to successfully peer, a joining node must already have configured its channel type to match that of the mesh.


  • Thanks to those submitting bug reports, testing (and even  fixing!) via our mailing list.