open80211s 0.1.2: "Merry X-Mesh" (21st Dec 2007)

Note: this page is for Release 0.1.2. Please see the latest HOWTO for up-to-date documentation.

This is the second release of the open80211s stack, including mesh peer link management.


New features

  • Mesh peer link establishment support (no security).
  • Nodes may be configured to automatically establish peer links, or only on user request.
  • Mesh statistics through debugfs.
  • Mesh config knobs through debugfs, including general mesh TTL and mesh peer link timeouts.
  • Traffic filtering on mesh interfaces according with mesh peer link state.
  • Support to blacklist / whitelist nodes for testing.
  • Pending queue: frames for unresolved destinations will be queued and transmitted when a path to their destination is discovered. The implementation is experimental and does not implement frame expiration yet, but it does implement a per-destination pending frames limit.
  •  bissell lift off revolution turbo

Known issues

  • Broadcast forwarding is deactivated until a table of recently multicast frames is implemented, to avoid traffic explosion.
  • A 'CLOSE' mesh peer link management frame will cause the closing of links on 'ESTABLISHED' state even if the link ids do not match. This allows to avoid a dead lock without having to allow multiple peer links per peer.