What's open80211s?

open80211s is a reference implementation of the recently ratified  802.11s standard on Linux. open80211s is based on the  mac80211 wireless stack and should run on any of the wireless cards that mac80211 supports.

Mainline integration

We are happy to announce that open80211s has been accepted in mainline Linux kernel and is included in  release 2.6.26. From now on the latest development code will be available in  wireless-testing. It is also possible to use open80211s without having to recompile the whole kernel using  compat-wireless.

We recommend the  linux-wireless mailing list for patches or questions regarding the latest code, but we will keep an eye on the  open80211 mailing list as well.


This HOWTO describes what you can do with the current release of open80211s.

You may wish to build your open80211s system using distro11s. This project simplifies the process of fetching all of the code that you need.

Driver Status

The following drivers are known to work in open80211s mesh point mode. This list tracks drivers in  wireless-testing. For drivers where mesh point support is merged in mainline, the earliest kernel version is listed.

Driver Supported in Notes
 ath5k 2.6.29 working
 ath9k wireless-testing working (known issue: bug  14187 -- need to scan before device will beacon)
known issue: older cards don't configure rx filtering correctly. (for instance, AR5418 MAC/BB Rev:2 AR2122). workaround: bring up a monitor interface on the same phy to fix mesh. How to fix.
 ath9k_htc 3.0.0 working
 libertas_tf 2.6.27 working
 p54 2.6.29 working
 rt2x00 2.6.30 working (known issue: bug  13752 -- need to scan before device will beacon)
 zd1211rw 2.6.26 (broken in wireless-testing?) On some systems, mesh beaconing triggers what appears to be a firmware bug.

Support for other  mac80211 drivers is also possible. Please help test or fix them with patches against  wireless-testing unless noted otherwise. Please refer to the mesh section of the  mac80211 driver API notes for features that need to be implemented in order for a driver to support Mesh Point mode.


Submit your patches via the  linux-wireless mailing list.

Current Release

Version One Line Description
Release 0.5 Bug fixes and stable HT support

Old Releases

Version One Line Description
Release 0.4.2 Bug fixes and experimental HT support
Release 0.4.1 Support for mesh gates and v12.0 upgrades
Release 0.4.0 Mesh Security (SAE + AMPE + encryption)
Release 0.3.0 SAE authentication in userspace
Release 0.2.1 Airtime link metric and per-peer rate adaptation
Release 0.2.0 On-demand HWMP + broadcast by controlled flooding.
Release 0.1.2 Peer link management protocol.
Release 0.1.1 Mesh frame forwarding by means of manually populated path tables.

Other Open-Source Draft-802.11s Implementations